Welcome to Handi~Razor!
I hope you find something you will love! Your support and encouragement has meant so much to me. All the hard work and effort put into making something everyone will love has always been my dream. So please look around and find something you always never knew you needed! 

My Story

My journey here began 8 and a half years ago. When my son was born I never had any time to shave as it was difficult to get even a shower. I wanted to see if I could figure out a way to shave in less time. So I started trying out different things I made at home... until one day I finally came up with the Handi~Razor. Putting it on the back burner too many times.... I finally decided I had to bring you this product. So with a lot of hard work and doing most of it on my own, I finally have made it. I also created my own shaving oils to get an even better shave. This whole new experience has made shaving such a better experience. It is easier, faster and your legs feel so soft and smooth. At a very affordable price you have no excuse not to try out this game changer.... so hurry up and get yourself one! 


We would love to talk to anyone interested in investing or becoming a retailer. We are also putting together starter packs to sell. If you are interested in helping us get our new products out and make some extra money then reach out and we can discuss our opportunities.