Giving Back

Every few months we are featuring a new non-profit to donate 10% of our net sales because we believe in giving back. These are amazing people trying to help others. We will feature a link so you can go check out their own  story and what they do. Thank you for helping us raise awareness and supporting others. 

Our wonderful non-profit for the month of November/December is Collective Medicine. They are amazing humans making sure elders in their community get clean fresh water to drink and firewood in the winter. We all tend to take for granted our running water. We are lucky to turn on a faucet and have water. Many people in the US still do not have that luxury... Please help us in supporting this great cause. 


If you know of a non-profit you are passionate about and would like to see featured here please reach out.




The People vs. The Pandemic: Water (Ep. 4) from Nathan O'Neal on Vimeo.